search the medicines you need.

(3. 键入后,按回车键搜索。4. 点击查看详细。)

adjust the quantity, and add into your cart.

(5. 设置需要的数量。6. 加入购物车。)

check it out when ready

(7. 鼠标到购物车图标上。8. 点击checkout/结算。)

just follow the instruction, and fill in all the required info.

be noted that you can fill the address in your native language.

(9.有账户,可以登陆。没有,就跳过这一步。10. 请跳过这一步,优惠券会在订单审核后放到订单。11. 上传处方或诊断书。12. 填入你的付款地址,可以用母语。)

(13. 地址可以用母语填写;14. 填入用户名或用户电邮,密码。用以创建账号。请记录您所填的信息。15. 如果送货地址和付款地址不一致,可以勾上小框,填入送货地址。16. 填入其他需要的。)

any more questions, please contact the online support team. or email us.

don’t worry about making mistake, there is no any loss before you receive our payment email and the payment made.

as for payment, we will email you after our pharmacist approves your order. you could find the details in the email.